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High Net Worth Investors

High Net Worth Investors

Are you aligning your holdings with your values to help influence the change you want to see in the world? Egéa SRI offers sustainable portfolio management for HNWIs, charities, and institutions. As a high-net-worth individual, you have the opportunity to use your funds to invest sustainably. Learn how sustainable ESG investments can be used to craft your legacy and help the world. We have more than 20 years of experience in the financial industry helping our HNWI clients create sustainable portfolios. Together, we can make a difference. 

Sustainable Investing for High-Net-Worth Individuals 

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More and more wealthy investors are putting their money into businesses that are socially, ethically, and environmentally conscious. According to Capgemini’s World Wealth Report 2020, 27% of high net worth individuals (or HNWIs) are interested in sustainable investment products. And that number rises to 40% among ultra-high net worth individuals (UHNWIs.) 

If you are one of these individuals interested in sustainable investing, you might be the right fit for Egéa SRI. Our goal is to help our HNWI clients understand where their money is going and why, and work with them to build portfolios that reflect their interests, lifestyles, and beliefs. 

For many high-net-worth individuals, sustainability is becoming a key priority for investing. Sustainable investors, from global institutions to HNWIs, utilize a combination of traditional investment approaches along with ESG insights to pursue their financial goals. Your portfolio has the ability to make a large impact on the world. 

Who Are Our HNWI Clients?

Many of our clients are high-net-worth individuals and families who have complex investment or financial planning needs and wish to build a portfolio that combines their values with high financial returns. However, we serve a diverse group of clients. Their common bond is not the numbers in their bank accounts, but their passion for making investment choices based on how they will affect change in our world. Many of our clients are focused on generating long-term positive returns, while also supporting a variety of social issues like diversity, climate change, racial and gender issues, and health concerns. 

Sustainable Investing for High Net Worth Individuals at Egéa SRI

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Many high net worth individuals are concerned that sustainable investments will not perform as well as traditional investments. However, the data shows that profit and sustainability can coincide when it comes to investing. There are even numerous upsides to sustainable investing. 

At Egéa SRI, we are at the forefront of the wave of sustainable and socially responsible investing for high-net-worth individuals. Your best interests are always in our minds as we work with you to create a portfolio that both gives you high returns and reflects your interests and values. We help you put your money in funds that are socially, ethically, and environmentally conscious and responsible. 

We Offer High Net Worth Wealth Management Services

High net worth wealth management is different at Egéa SRI. We offer all the other HNWI management services for individuals and families that you might find at other investment firms, but at our firm, we also offer you the opportunity to make a difference with your money. 

At Egéa SRI, we focus not only on helping build a portfolio that achieves your financial goals, but that matches your beliefs and your lifestyle. If you want clarity regarding where your investments are going, we can offer that. We work with you to help you understand the ESG (environmental, social, and governance) characteristics of your portfolios and then help you customize your portfolio in support of your social and environmental principles. 

We have the ability to exclude firms and industries that do not align with your values, and seek out investments with positive ESG characteristics through our exacting investment process. 

Wealth Solutions at Egéa SRI

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Egéa SRI is a full-service investment firm for high-net-worth individuals. We offer various services through Sustainable Investments for HNWIs, including:

  • Wealth Planning
  • Trust and Estate Services
  • Charitable Giving 
  • Foundation and Endowment Guidance 
  • Family Office Services 
  • Single Stock Risk Management 
  • Business Exit Planning  

High Net Worth Investments 

We know that when you are an HNWI, more money comes with even more responsibility. With more wealth, oftentimes come more questions. At Egéa SRI, our Chartered SRI Counselors are here to offer you guidance on how to use your money wisely and make a difference. 

Typically, high net-worth investments include private and commercial real estate, land, gold, and even artwork. While these are all valuable investments, as an HNWI, you also have the opportunity to invest in valuable businesses and causes that match your individual values and lifestyle. You might consider environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors. 

Our goal is to help each of our individual clients find investments that match their own financial goals and beliefs. The right high-net-worth investments will vary for each of our clients. We simply offer guidance on the best investments that will align with your beliefs and help you see financial returns on your investments. 

High Net Worth Asset Management 

In addition to our other services for HNWIs, we also offer high-net-worth asset management. We are a full-service investment firm that has the ability to handle all the needs of a high-net-worth individual, family, charity, or institution. 

About Egéa SRI

While the trend of sustainable investing has been on the rise over the last few years, at Egéa SRI our main focus has been on creating sustainable portfolios for our clients for more than 20 years. For us, it is not just a trend but a passion. Egéa SRI has been working with high-net-worth individuals to build sustainable portfolios and a legacy that will last forever. We are one of the best firms for value-based investing.

Let’s Start Building Your Legacy With Sustainable Investing

If you are ready to invest confidently in causes that align with your own values, beliefs, and lifestyle, contact us today and we will begin creating and managing not just a sustainable portfolio for you, but also a legacy. 


Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) / Environmental Social Governance (ESG) investing has certain risks based on the fact that the criteria exclude securities of certain issuers for non-financial reasons and, therefore, investors may forgo some market opportunities and the universe of investments available will be smaller.

This material was created for educational and informational purposes only and is not intended as ERISA, tax, legal or investment advice.  If you are seeking investment advice specific to your needs, such advice services must be obtained on your own separate from this educational material.

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